Taking lead or assisting in innovative, complex and challenging IT projects where business analysis, technical architecture, development and design are needed. Or Designing and developing creative modern websites. These services can be delivered by Bernoulli IT.

Creative websites


Bernoulli IT can assist in analysing business systems and translate needs into functionality. By interviewing people in the field of business and working out ideas with sketches and mock-ups, workflows and desired functionalities come to surface.

"A picture is worth a thousands words"

Embracing the above proverb, analysis may and will result in some useful schema's of entity relations, workflows, technical architecture, database model, front-end mock-ups and so forth. These will form a base for the foundation of the application and build the more detailed user functionality upon, step-by-step. You might have a look at the gallery for some exemplary schema's and figures.


Bernoulli IT can support with the development and implementation of Web & Windows Applications, based mainly on the latest Microsoft© technologies. By using an iterative approach (most likely SCRUM), feedback is gained in early stages of the development process and will tackle possible misinterpretation(s) during analysis.

Analysis and development go hand-in-hand during this iterative approach.

Nowadays SCRUM is really the buzz word and provides a good way to manage the process of software development. Although, some basic assumptions of SCRUM might not be too realistic... ;)

Development for web is done with the use of technologies and front-end libraries like: ASP.NET MVC, HTML5, javascript, jQuery, Bootstrap and plugins for: Facebook, YouTube, Google Analytics, Google Maps, etc. For Windows applications: WinForms and WPF.


Applications nowadays do have modern, good-looking front-ends. Whether a Web or Windows application, the front-end is the first meet&greet with the application and will be what the end-user experiences. Besides having decent functionality, software should also look good and perform well.

Front-ends with a modern look-and-feel and decent functionality result in a satisfying user-experience.

"Being" a βeta, I have always had affinity with design, layout and the use of icons. Being familiar with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, this makes up for developing front-ends with a modern look-and-feel. For the realisation of creative websites Bernoulli IT works together with Brenda Heijnis for advice and co-operation.

flat vs realistic

This really nice "paralaxxed" website sets out a "battle" between flat and realistic design. Considering Bernoulli IT, flat design wins this battle ;) Flat design is preferred for software applications. It gives the front-end a nice, minimalistic, accurate and confident look-and-feel. Windows and iOS made huge movements towards flat design in recent years.


Bernoulli IT can support and assist in:

  • Analysing business domains
  • Documenting user functionality
  • Setting up a technical architecture
  • Developing software application back-ends
  • Designing and implementing front-ends

...Design, Develop, Deploy & Host:

  • Creative websites


These days numerous technologies, frameworks, design-patterns and development tools are available. There is a whole spectrum of possibilities to get a software application up and running in the "air" or "cloud". Some are newer than others, some hotter than others, some are trivial, some are exotic, some are... Anyway... let's do some namedropping ;)

Tooling & Frameworks

Mainly working with Microsoft© technologies amongst which:

  • Visual Studio
  • SQL Server
  • TFS (Team Foundation Server)
  • JetBrains© ReSharper / TeamCity
  • Microsoft© Azure
  • C# & .NET Framework
  • Entity Framework 6
  • WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation)
  • WCF (Windows Communication Foundation)
  • DevExpress© for WinForms & WPF

And off course recent web technologies like:

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Javascript / AJAX / jQuery
  • Twitter's Bootstrap
  • Nodejs & Reactjs
  • Google Maps API v3
  • Facebook Graph API

In-depth knowledge

  • OOP (Object Oriented Programming)
  • Generics
  • Reflection
  • LINQ
  • Unit Testing
  • Dependency Injection
  • Background worker pattern
  • Validation Application Block (Enterprise Library)


Along the way having worked with many software products that make up or support the development of software. To name just a few:

  • Microsoft© Office 2013 (Word, Excel, Powerpoint)
  • Microsoft© Visio
  • Adobe© Illustrator / Photoshop
  • Adobe Flash


In recent years the literature shown underneath has formed a basis for software architecture and development.


A portfolio of work done over the years. From projects of simulation software for real-world systems, web applications, creative websites and a product build by Bernoulli IT.

Creative websites? Didn't see the carousel Up there ?!

Web appplications

Backbone / SUEZ SITA

Backbone Company needed to convert a Windows8 App to a website for their customer Sita / Suez. The application is meant for their sales department and provides filter and incremental search functionality for all companies in the Netherlands (over 1.3 million). Bernoulli IT developed this website where filter and search results are plotted onto Google maps. Besides this main functionality the website provides functionality to create pdf's for visit reports and service agreements. The project was done in three weeks with great support from the people @ Backbone Company.


With Testdrive™ you can easily play, watch and learn dressage tests from around the globe. It's easy & fun to use and a perfect place to start learning your next dressage test.


Recently developed the front-end part of the Safarisharing single page web app for a startup travel agency from Amsterdam. Build in Nodejs and Reactjs (Facebook's UI platform) with great mentoring from Pieter Bergwerff. Thanx Pieter!


Projects carried out over the years: modelling real-world systems (business domains) and developing software to analyse those systems and deliver supportive software for end-users.

UNIT4 Schenk- en Erfbelasting

Project lead responsible for the rebuild of the existing application to support tax declarations (IB, VPB, OB, Schenk- en Erfbelasting) on the Microsoft stack (.NET, SQL Server, WCF, Entity Framework, WPF). Writing of software requirements specifications and technical documentation. Architecting n-tiered and n-layered software solution with a SQL Server database. Development of required functionality.

ANWB Incident Service Simulator

Simulation of service incident logistics for car failure for the Royal Dutch Touring Club (ANWB). Emphasis on response times, service levels and capacity. Responsible for conceptualisation, data gathering, development of database, simulation model, front-end, autmated Microsoft Excel reports and context sensitive manual. Implemented a linear programming model (Hungarian Method) for the assignment of failures to service agents.

SIMONE - SImulation MOdel NEtworks

Complete rebuild of the simulation engine to simulate the timetables on the Dutch railway network. Capacity studies with the use of simulation. Maintenance of the application suite: Incontrol Center (Delphi), Simulation Engine (Enterprise Dynamics) and Reporting tool (Microsoft Excel) and documentation.


Business analysis for capacity requirements of driving license examiners in different regions of the Netherlands. Development of simulation model for this process and conducting of experiments. Reporting and consulting directly to senior management of CBR.

Port of Amsterdam

Conceptualisation of capacity planning situation into a simulation model. Different parties (tugs, pilots and lock capacity by) that accomodate the arrival and departure of large vessels from the North Sea to the harbour of Amsterdam. Development of client-server (Microsoft .NET) application for the communication of planning information between parties. Client application also controlled tailor-made simulation engine in Enterprise Dynamics used for simulation based optimization of the planning of before mentioned resources.


Showing off the hardware used at Bernoulli IT's HQ ;)

Apple MacBook Pro 13" Retina (8GB - 256GB - Intel i5)
Apple Thunderbolt Retina Display
Apple LED Cinema Retina Display
Apple USB Superdrive
Apple Magic Trackpad 2
JBL E50BT Wireless Headphones
Apple Keyboard
Apple iPhone 6 plus
Logitech Performance MX
Original Carpeted Mouse Rugs
Ball Point
Freitag Roy Business Bag
Apple Thunderbolt Display Flightcase

How it started...

Bernoulli IT was started by Joep Greuter. After 15 years of working for different employers and on many projects I decided to start a business, bringing together a combination of proven βeta skills along with autodidactic αlpha qualities. Desining and developing well functioning software applications that look good is what Bernoulli IT does best.

Having a Masters degree in Operations Research (Econometrics) and working for 10 years as as Senior Simulation Engineer, analytic skills have been properly formed. Along with a basic predisposition for structure, analysing and modelling any business domain comes naturally.

The previous five years I acted as a team lead for the modernisation of a financial application for (Dutch) tax declaration. Taking lead in modelling the business domain, (re)defining user-functionality, database design, setting up the technical architecture and developing the software. A typical n-tiered & n-layered architecture was chosen with Microsoft© SQL Server and Entity Framework forming the back-end, a service communication layer in WCF, the front-end became a combination of Winforms and WPF. The overall solution consisted of more than 20 interrelated projects that made up the complete application.

Nowadays, with Bernoulli IT, I focus mainly on web applications and creative websites build upon Microsoft ASP.NET MVC 5.

Goal-driven, pragmatic and enthusiastic, Bernoulli IT may be best expressed by a Joel Spolsky quote:

"Gettin' things done!"

Music @ Bernoulli IT HQ